Willow Smith On 'Parents Just Don't Understand,' 'Twilight,' Jay-Z, And Being 10

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Willow Smith’s odds for success are greater than those of the average 10-year-old aspiring child star.

Both of her parents are already famous. When her father Will Smith was a teen, his hip-hop group Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince earned the first hip-hop Grammy for their song “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” By the early ’90s, he starred in his own sitcom, “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,” and then took over the big screen with blockbuster credits like “Independence Day” and “Men In Black.” Read more…

  1 comment for “Willow Smith On 'Parents Just Don't Understand,' 'Twilight,' Jay-Z, And Being 10

  1. 10/03/2012 at 5:10 pm

    that! those words are show how her personality is maurte. Just imagine when she gets older and is ready to take control of her life. Her parents are going to have a hell of a time. Pre-teen, teenager is around the corner. Everyone is watching to see what becomes of this little and I meann little girl, though she acts as if she is an adult. Being outspoken has nothing to do with it. Her personality and character will change and all will see her grow. I hope her parents use the same therapist that they are using for themselves since the beginning because they are going to need it. They are giving her too much room for a TEN year old.

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