Kids Needed for Nick's Fresh Beat Band Concert

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Nickelodeon is giving kids a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a very special one time only concert featuring “The Fresh Beat Band,” November 12 at noon.  The event is full but you can be put on the wishlist and if seats open up, you will have priority. 

“The Fresh Beat Band” is one of Nick’s top shows. Geared towards kids of all ages the show is a music filled sitcom featuring original songs produced for the show.

Starring Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki as the Fresh Beats, four best friends in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance. This will get your kids up and dancing and probably you too!

Parents and Friends welcome but this is for kids so please try to have a ratio of at least 2 kids per adult (or family friend or nanny).

Only sign up for # of people that will definitely attend. Signing up for more people than arrive will likely mean you are place on standby so if the # of people in your group changes call us to let us know.

Many details like the location and the exact time are still being worked out. Sign up on the wishlist and we will notify you of changes and with info on how to confirm your spot.

You may sign up for up to 4 tickets. If you need more than 4 tickets please call our office at 818 985-8811.  Click here to sign up for four or less tickets.