Make-over: From Linen Closet to Hall Closet

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For the longest time, I’ve griped about not having a hall closet. I had nowhere to put the vacuum cleaner or the step ladder or a place to hang up coats. So they were always underfoot and in the way. I’m not sure who designed the layout of my unit, but clearly aesthetics and storage weren’t part of the equation. So,I finally decided to renovate my small closet. I transformed my hall of shame linen closet into a hall closet. The only thing I needed was a tension rod and fortunately, I had a spare. I removed three of the shelves, they were nailed to the frame and put up the tension rod. No out of pocket costs or contractor involved. I Marie Kondo’d the linens and got rid of my joyless towels. This little home renovation project is not quite over. Eventually I will repaint the interior of the closet and get new closet doors. I’m thinking of sliding doors, In terms of storage and usability, this is perfect. Pretty easy and only took me 10 years to do it.