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extra sm rev 11_14 bmb cover 5Are you looking for modeling and talent agencies for your baby or toddler?  Want to find out how to get them in the biz but don’t know how?

Download Now!  Baby Modeling & Beyond: How to Build a Modeling & Acting Career for your Child is available from these retailers for only $4.99:

The second edition of Baby Modeling & Beyond: How to Build a Modeling & Acting Career for your Child answers your questions and shows you how to get your little one on tv and in magazines. Written by a mom with more than 12 years in the business, topics include:

  • Do You Need an Agent or Manager & How to Get One 
  • Links to Talent & Modeling Agencies in NY, LA, Atlanta & Chicago, submit your child instantly
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • Booking your Child’s First Job
  • Coogan Accounts
  • and much More!

Baby Modeling & Beyond walks you through the process. Packed with resources including updated Imaginairum adlinks to agencies in New York, LA, Chicago and Atlanta, that represent babies and toddlers (you can submit online to some of these agencies), advice from agents, photographers, financial advisors and parents, it gives you the real deal about building a career in the entertainment industry for your child. Whether your child is Broadway-bound or has Hollywood heat, from infant to teen, Baby Modeling & Beyond shares the secrets of breaking into show business from a mom with a child working in the business for over ten years.

Amazon Review

Adding Bliss “Michelle”  (New York, NY) 

 5-stars good realistic view of business, July 30, 2014

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This review is from: Baby Modeling & Beyond: From the Stroller to the Red Carpet (Paperback)

7 weeks ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby in the world (just like every other mother) and I wanted to get a realistic view of the baby modeling game before I began submitting her photos to agencies. Being a former performer in NYC, I kind of knew what to expect from the book and while a lot of it is common sense (you can’t pay anyone to get your kid work. It kind of defeats the purpose, no?) there is a great deal of information that I wasn’t aware of pertaining to child performers and baby models (like payscale for babies and Coogan accounts). This book is the perfect length and easy to read. It gets straight down to business and loaded with filler. It also provides and index of agencies with submission guidelines. Yes, you can track down that information for free on your own, but this was much easier and more handy. This book was a lot of bang for my buck. I would definitely recommend it.

You can view some of my daughter’s commercials in this demo reel below or check out her early print modeling portfolio here.


  2 comments for “Baby Modeling & Beyond

  1. Jasdeep kaur
    07/15/2016 at 10:21 pm

    Hii, I want to know about modeling. My son is 2yrs. Old. His name is Dilraj Singh from India. He’s so active and charming. Could you please tell me about it.

    • starbabyla
      07/16/2016 at 7:15 am

      Hi Jasdeep,
      Thanks so much for visiting my site!
      Baby modeling is a broad topic, I couldn’t possibly tell you all about it in the comments section.
      If you have specific questions, I’m happy to answer. I’ve written a book (Baby Modeling & Beyond) about the topic which answers questions about how to get started, what to expect when booking that first job and more.
      Wishing you and Dilraj the best of luck!

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