Looking for Same Day Printing for Your Headshots?

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Although most submissions for roles are done online, many theatrical auditions still want you to bring a hardcopy of your headshot. We got the call for a next day audition and didn’t have any on hand.  Fortunately, I found a place in West LA that does same-day printing for your headshots. I emailed them the…

Free Orientation at "I AM" Marcia Tillman Actor Studio

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If you’re looking for an acting studio for your young actor ages 10 -17, check out “I AM” Marcia Tillman Actor Studio. Find out about their 8-week program and success stories at a free orientation on October 11, 2014 at:   Time: 1 pm Where: ELEPHANT THEATER 6322 Santa Monica blvd. Lillian Theater Los Angeles, CA  90038…