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Meet Max Page, the boy in the Darth Vader commercial

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The LA Times has a cute piece on Max Page, the little boy has gotten quite a bit of attention from his VW spot that appeared during the Superbowl.  Even though this is his first national commercial, he has been working on the Young and the Restless. Here’s the commercial that has generated more than…

Ins & Outs of Hollywood – Advice from the Experts

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If you’re thinking about getting your kid in the business or even if your kid has been in the business for a number of years, it never hurts to hear from industry vets sharing their war stories.  It helps to keep things in perspective. Recently we attended a seminar, Ins and Outs of Hollywood, given…

Child Actor Tips

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If you have your child’s actor/model profile listed on casting sites such as Casting Frontier, LA Casting, etc, make sure to regularly update their profile in addition to their resume.  It’s very easy to create the profile and forget to change the sizes, height and weight, especially for children because of those pesky growth spurts…