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Is Your Baby the Next Gerber Baby?

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It’s that time again! If you have a little one between the ages of one day old and 4 years old, they may be chosen as the next Gerber Spokesbaby 2020. You have until February 21, 2020 to upload pictures and videos of your mini-me. In addition to insane bragging rights, one grand prize winner…

Could Your Cutie Be the Next Gerber Baby?

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Launch your mini-me’s baby modeling career with the Gerber Baby 2015 Photo Search! They could become the next Gerber Baby! One lucky little one will also win a $50,000 grand prize plus $1,500 in Gerber children’s clothes. The contest is open for newborns up to 48 months old with six Milestone prizes (birth, crawler, sitter, supported sitter,…